Packard bell pc100

:eek: packard bell pc100 how to fit in a pc133 en how??

fgr peet

Welcome. :slight_smile:
How to “fit”…? In same way as any other SDRAM PC100/PC133 memory I think… :rolleyes:

You better tell us more in details what you have in mind. :smiley:

PC100 is a very old ram spec. Finding that would be like finding a dinosaur splashing around in your backyard wading pool.

Luckily PC133 is around & should be able to replace, or operate safely with, your PC100 ram with no problems. They fit into the same ram socket.

I doubt you need to go back to Packard Bell for this. You should be able to find some on the web, cheap, somewhere :slight_smile:

You might have to replace the existing ram that is in your computer now also. I’ve seen some pc100 mixed with pc133 that won’t work together. PC won’t boot!