Pacific Digital U-30296 = benq 1640?

was at my staples today and they have a new pac digital dvd-rw drive (U-30296, its in an orange box as opposed to the yellow thingie). specs look the same as the 1640. price is @ $90.00 (USD). anyone confirm that this is a 1640 ??? i know pac dig’s old 16x dvd is the 1620 (i bought 1 of them). just thinking ahead 2 staples normal pac dig prices $39.00 – $49.00 after ebate. would b a nice price 4 retail 1640.

The specs certainly match up to the 1640 so it probably is, a shot of the drive should be able confirm if it indeed is.

well i won’t lay out 90 bucks for this puppy. but if i can do some staples sleazy rebate action on that drive i’m definitely in for 1.

Anyone confirm this. Staples will have it for $39.94 after easy rebate

I bought one (orange box) and it was a Samsung. Blech!

I just looked in the box and it was a “Toshiba-Samsung” TS-H552U, in case you were wondering. :Z

thats bad. i think this drive is on sale again this week for $39.00 (after rebate). but just in case u guys didn’t get in on the free 1640’s @ compusa a week back, its supposed to b on sale again on black friday @ compusa for $29.00 ar.