Pacific Digital offers economical 4X dual-format DVD drive



I just posted the article Pacific Digital offers economical 4X dual-format DVD drive.

With the Internet these days to help stay on top of things, I don’t maintain many magazine subscriptions. However, I have just received the September Maximum PC “Dream Machine 2003” issue…

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Ok, lets get this right. [Quote] It writes to DVD+R and DVD-R discs at 4x; to DVD+RW at 2.4x; to DVD-R at 2x. So what is it for DVD-R discs? Its either 2x or 4x for DVD-R


Good eye, that is a typo on the press release. It “probably” means DVD-RW @ 2x I’ll let 'em know :slight_smile:


$215 is a good price… but i’d rather have a pioneer a06 for $183 (new, bare drive)… they even have 2 software kits you can choose from… $20 gets you; nero vision express, mpeg2 encoder, nero express, incd/packet-writingeasywrite reader, cyberlink powerdvd xp, cables, a dvd-r disc, & a dvd-rw disc… $39 gets you, recordnow/write dvd 4.6, windvd 4, ulead videostudio 7 se, ulead dvd movie factory2 se, ulead picture show 2 se, simple backup 4.9, 4x dvd-r disc, 4x dvd+r disc, 2x dvd-rw disc, 2.4x dvd+rw disc… and shipping is free… NEC is a decent name, but pioneer is better…