Pacific Digital (nec 1300)

Hi i have been searching in my area of Canada for the past few weeks for a decent(but cheap) dvd burner and have read numerous accounts of people looking for Pacific Digital 8x which can be a nec 2500

Well around here i can only find PD 4x which i bought and its a NEC 1300,now is this burner OK (i am not worried about speed) i just want a good write quality dvd burner

ALso since its pacific digital is there any difference between this and if i bought an NEC 1300 from NEC


It is a good burner :wink: just a little slower than the 2500A :slight_smile:
If you purchased it from NEC it would be the same drive.
I suggest loading the newest firmware. 1.0B
If you want speeded up media 2X@4X and bitsetting, load Herries’ 108v2 1300A firmware.

Thanx Wesociety

I am happy with it i just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

that’s the same drive that i bought. so far, everything is great. had a problem with some cheap-o media at first but upgraded to herrie’s 108v2 and that media now burns perfectly at 4x.

thanx me dum

good to hear