Pacific Digital mach16x is there a sure way to tell if it is a 1620?

Is there a sure way to tell this before i buy it. I see staples still has them for $60 after rebate.

i’m also looking to pick one up.

it doesn’t seem like they would tell you though, but maybe?

benq dw1620 write DL+r at 2.4x…and BTC drive write at 4x .You can check on the box.
hope this help.

I found another post that explained how to tell. I went to staples and got one. It was a Benq. look at post #4 in the following thread. Don’t know if this is still true, but it worked for me a month or 2 ago. It came with G7K9 firmware and was dated Oct 2004-made in China. Good Luck.

Why not buy from Newegg? They have it for $48 after rebate.

For the $12 differance I had rather buy at a retail store, that way if it is defective walk back in and get another. I hate the RMA process on mail order! It seems like a lot of folks buying from Newegg have gotten defective drives.

im with you, if i can walk in and get it for the extra $12 i like that option

i’ve returned 2 benq1620’s to newegg now and i’m going down to staples now and see if i can get one there.

thanks for the info :slight_smile:

no more shipping charges for me.

i just came from there and it is indeed a benq1620, it had a white label on back and label part # was 1852 16-bq-3

i just came back from fry’s which had them also and matched the deal staples had.

it also was a benq1620 with a big white label over the back of it.

made in china - october - hopefully i’ll have better luck with this country :slight_smile:

mine was made sept 2004 in mylashia

my last dead benq1620 was a made in mylashia october :frowning:

now to crossflash this drive to the B firmware side all i need it the .cvt file and the winflash program?

i have G firmware now.

does it need anything else since it’s boxed as another brand?

nevermind i went ahead and did it.

and it worked :slight_smile:

great, i hope i have better luck. I have not hooked it up yet, do i need to do any firmware updates or anything??

well i did a search and found this from “dvd_addict”

cross flash your “G” firmware to the “B” firmware by downloading the WinDWFlash.exe and the B7P9 cvt file & open it up and save it to your desktop. that firmware is decent to use in my opinion with the brands of dvd media that i use. you can flash the drive in safe mode. make sure there’s no media in the drive, turn off all programs running in the background such as antivirus. then double click on the WinFlash.exe file. then direct winflash to where you have the B79P cvt file. then let it flash the drive, it will tell you when it’s done and then reboot the pc.

once you flash over to B. you can upgrade to the latest firmware from there.

my 1st scan after updating all the firmware :smiley:

I am new to all this, is this a good scan??? I burn all +r media, so is this the best firmware for me to go to?? i currently have g7h9

also i dont see a b7p9 only …Added BenQ DW1620A’s firmware B7V9, plus it’s RPC1 B7V9RPC1…

ok download these

unzip both files to your desktop to find easier.

reboot computer in safe mode.

open the WinDWFlash program.

it will ask you what file you want to open, browse to your b7t9.cvt file

then it will flash it.

don’t do anything while it’s flashing.

after it’s done reboot the computer and you should have a benq1620 B7T9 now.

now if you want you can update to the latest firmware


reboot in to safe mode again, but this time all you have to do is hit the .exe file inside the zip and it will update the firmware.

then reboot again.

woooooooooo after all that your done :bigsmile:

hope that helps.

yes anything over a 90 is good.