Pacific Digital Mach 12 Firmware help please?!

Hey guys, I am new to posting here at the forum but have been lurker for awhile now. I was wondering if someone here could help me in knowing which firmware to flash a friend’s DVD burner with?

Like the thread title says it is a Pacific Digital Mach 12 burner purchased about 2 years ago from Office Depot.

The P/N on it is: U-30248
The Serial Number is: Removed
The Current firmware version 110I Dated 11/6/04

I have a firmware version 120e and am a bit timid to flash the drive with this firmware until I am a little more certain that it is the right one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

First, remove the s/n. No one else than you needs to know that…

rebadged BenQ 1620. See

Thanks for the reply chef! What makes you say it is a rebadged Benq1620? Would it be best to flash it with the G series firmware or B series? Is there something particular? Sorry for so many questions but I am trying to learn more about firmwares.

I had just spotted something that had a similiar firmware number of 110I it was an Accesstek DD1203. Seemed kind of odd having a identical firmware number but I know that can mean nothing. If you have any more advice it would be greatly appreciated!

I have another question for anyone here who would like to help. If I were to flash this drive, Would it be alright to use BQFlasher with B7P9 firmware first? Then if that was succesful update to B7V9. I also have the wnaspi32.dll file as well. If anyone knows of a step I am missing please let me know.

Also would it be a better idea to flash the drive to a G series firmware first or go the way I was planning? Lastly is there any tests or utilities I could run to confirm exactly what type of drive this is or what firmware to use?

Best is to ask that in the Benq section.