Pacific Digital internal 8x at Office Max

I think this is a deal so I bought one for my desk top. $30 off of $150 at the cash register with a $50 mail in rebate makes it $70.

8x for dvd+r
4x for dvd-r
40x for cdr

I have read on a thread at this site that Pacific Digital are actually NEC drives but the cdr write speed does not match. NEC 2500 has a 32x cdr speed.

If this isn’t a good deal let me know and I’ll take it back before I cut the rebate out. :wink:

The serial number means it is not a nec burner. It was also build in Nov, 2003 so a little aged.

Serial number:P103470394XX

Unless I hear this is a pretty good burner, I will take it back.

I thought I had a NEC though the cdr burn speed should have told me ‘no dice’. :frowning:

Thats a BTC drive, take it bacvk and get a 41 serial drive if you want a NEC. They may have 812 LiteOns now if you want to take a chance but I don’t know what serials they have. The 811 had 42 to 48 and so did the 851

Ripped from FW

How to determine what brand you get for the pacific Digital Burner
Thanks - flamingopoo

pacific Digital U-30201 - SKU #20670401
Serial number starts with: 4813 = Lite-On 851 Black
Serial number starts with: 4794 is lite on 811
Serial number starts with: 4823 = Lite-On 811 White
Serial number starts with: 43** = Lite-On 811
Serial number starts with: 41D6H7432XX = NEC (ND-2500A?)
Serial number starts with: 4784**** is LiteOn 811 S
serial #4793 is a liteon 851 white
serial# starts with 4303*** Lite-on 811s black
Ser. 4293**** = LiteOn LDW-451S white
Ser. 4iBF**** = NEC ND-2500A white
4784xxx drive and its an 811s beige, also a 4284xxx which was also an 811s in beige

If it begins with a 4 and has numbers in it, LiteOn
If it begins with a 4 and has letters and numbers in it, NEC
Serial number starts with: P ** = BTC DRW1008IM

Serial 4784xxx LiteOn 811s VS Serial #4793xxx - liteOn 851

They are both basically the same. Liteon ran out of laser diodes from one supplier (811s) so they have to get them from someone else (851s). There is not much of a difference between the two.

I saw two LiteOn packaged black 812S at WalMart, and their serial numbers were 4304 & 4784. So the PD’s 4784 could either be 811S (most likely) or 812S (eventually).

There are some exceptions to those numbers. The PD that I got from OM a couple months ago was serial # 4823 and it is a beige 851S.

I bought the Pacific Digital U-30201 from OfficeMax last week and it is indeed an NEC ND-2500A. The CD-RW speed is only 32x despite the fact the package advertises 40X.

I don’t if I should feel lucky that I got a NEC drive instead of lite-on, or crappy since the CD-R write (and read for that matter) speed is only 32X

its not bad but 16x drives are not that much expensive at newegg

I emailed Pacific Digital about the discrepancy in the CD-R writing speed, the following is the response I got (typo and all) from

"I would like to say that I am sorry in that print on the box, if you
look at the side of the box you will notic that it also says

Specifications and items shown may vary without notice:"

I thought it was a hilarious response :wink:


You could get a REAL NEC ND-3500A off of for $76 + $4 shipping and have the latest tech 16x burner AND comes with 48x CDW-


Just ordered mine from newegg for $76 w/ only $2 shipping after much heckling from Wes. Now I’m anxiously awaiting my package.

Yo neelykid-

Yur gonna LOVE it-(I got two)


LOL, what a joke… If that’s how they’re conducting their business, then good luck~

You heckle yourself! Always talking about the price dropping and rising daily.
I can’t believe you finally ordered one! :slight_smile:
Welcome to DVD burning. :bigsmile: