Pacific Digital CDRW

I have a slight problem with a Pacific Digital Drive. I don’t think I have the correct driver.

Once the computer is booted, I have no problems. But after 10-15 minutes, I can not use the CD drive. The explorer sometimes can not even find the drive, but when it can, it always says that the drive is empty, even after I confirm it isn’t.

I think that there is a specific driver for this CDRW, but their website is of no help. Does someone out there know something?

I am also having a problem with only one of my games (search and rescue 4 by global star software), where the game locks up once it is trying to load the scene for me to play. I think this is a seperate issue, am I correct in this as well? This game worked well for a short time, but locks up everytime now. My wife has added some software to the computer, and I have done a number of windows updates. Everything else is working fine. I think this is an issue with this one game. Am I correct?