Pacific Digital 52x24x52 only burning at 32x



:confused: I bought a Pacific Digital RTL 52x24x52x PN: U-30146 from Fry’s and it only burns at 32x max. I used the Nero info tool and it says 32x as highest. The firmware version is 001H, the drive is a BTC and I went to Pacific’s site and Flashed my drive with the updated firmware, but I think it might have just been 001H again. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get it to burn at higher speeds or if there is anything I can do. The media I am using is Lead Data CD-R 48x and also 52x both types only burn at 32x. Any help would be much appreciated.



I tried new media by CMC Magnetics and now the Nero tool bumped it up to 48x. So my problem might be the cheap media that I’m using.


I believe that it is the media… I would bet that you’d have better luck with some Taiyo Yuden disks if you can find some…