Pacific Digital 50pk spindle?



hey, are these Pacific Digital discs any good? i saw em for 30 bucks for a spindle of 50. they sure are cheap, but are they any good?


Funny you should ask, I bought that same 50 pack. So far, so good. They support my 6x burner, and perfect data and audio cd’s so far. Used about 20 so far.


I dunno about those Pacific thingy’s, but I know something else. Recently I bought a spindle of “MM” cd’s. At first they were very good with data and audio. Problem: after about 3 months, they aren’t readable anymore in any cdplayer or cdrom. They just act like the cd is a empty cdr!!! Just be warned!!!


Just for info. The Pacific Digital discs are manufactured by CMC Magnetics. This is the same manufacturer that manufactures Imation, Nashua & Smart & Friendly discs. I’ve used the Pacific Digital for several months and have had no problems. Happy Burning…


thanks for the info, but if i would have bought them, i could use cdrinfo. i’m just sayin…