Pacific Digital 48x /Liteon 48x burner deal - Anyone know which model it is?

48125 s?
48125w ?
48126 s/w?


Is there any kind of model number on the box at all? Or maybe an FCC ID to go by?

What is the firmware version and what is it called in device manager? These should always be included in posts like this.

If it had LTR-xxxxx on the outside or used LIteon firmware already
that wouldnt be a problem. But apparently they started
using a modified version of their own firmware

Model CDR-5W48

Pac digital firmware

If they had kept the LTR sticker like everyone else - Cendyne, Buslink and HiVAL , we wouldnt have these problems. WHy
they go through the trouble is beyond me to put their own sticker on . Its not like people WANT a Pac Digital.

Well, Pacific Digital wants the advertisement for itself, not for Lite-ON. What is the firmware currently on your drive, not the range?

LTR-48125W ?

CDR-5W48 <-See the W48 in the Pac Dig model number?

Liteon firmware for 48124W

  • VS08 <-only one that starts with a V

Pac Dig firmware

  • VSG3 <-starts with a V

Of course that may all be coincidence.

By the way the Pac Digital is up to
VSG5 now.

Originally posted by Weasal
[B]48125 s?
48125w ?
48126 s/w?

Thanks. [/B]

i bought 4 Pacific Digital Mach48’s at OfficeMax for $19.99 ea. and they were all 48125w’s. The 5w in CDR-5w48 gives it away as to the model.