Pacific digital(1620) burning problems

i bought the pac dig mach16x about 2 months ago. I went through the forum and updated the firmware to the 1620. i have had a problem w/ several media types, mcc004, YUDEN000T02. I only have the ty02 left for burning at this point. I burn w/ clone and anydvd w/ the latest versions, i update weekly or every few days lately…I can backup a movie and it will be great and everythign works fine and then i will have 2-3 discs that will not finish. clone says could not finish possible because of bad media. I have tried b7v9, b7u9, b7t9 all with the same results. Even when i burn at 8x on these and the mcc004 verbatim i get these results, usually about 10% of the discs do not finish. I have an athlon 2500 w/ 512 memory. I also have a liteon 832 and it never has any problems as well as a plextor 504a that also never has any problems…they are not in this machine at this time but i have put them back in temporarily to see if they would do the same thing…any help???here is a good decenct scan from this drive, this is how all the ones that finish turn out…

oh no i guess it’s time for my pacific digital to bite the dust.

when this thing works, it works great, but i dont like getting 1-3 out of 10 burns to be coasters

i wonder which drive would be a good replacement for this one???

hey aw:
one spec about your machine you did not post is power supply… there have been quite a few posts about these drives being power hungry. i have 3 1620’s in my machine now and have not had problems (knock on wood), but i also have a thermaltake 560W power supply.

i think it is a 450 watt power supply, it seems if that was the case it would happen all of the time, not just 10-15% of the time, i could be totally wrong, i just dont want to have to buy a high dollar power supply and find out i really did not need it.

trouble shooting is never easy. and i am certainly not asking u to drop serious cash on something that may not be the problem. as with all trouble shooting, change 1 variable at a time.

hey williams here’s something i always do with this drive. i only burn after the computer has had some good rest time and is cool.

i’ve heard of alot of heat issues with this drive and think it works best on a fresh cool boot.

just a idea.

a true benq, nec or liteon? pioneer or plextor.

i think i will take it out of the computer it is in and try it in my home computer where it stays much cooler!!! Are there any new drives that are worthy of purchasing right now??? All i want is to be able to back up my movies using a variety of media, i use only +r and try to use good media such as ty002, which i think is good…

i went to staples today and decided to take advantage of their 15 day return policy and bought another one (pac dig) drive, this one is made in october in china, i crossflashed to b7tp now i will do some scans and post results w/ same media used before

here is my first burn at 12x

15 day return? wasn’t that like 2 months ago when we bought them at the same time?

hope you have better luck with this one.

i bought a second one to see how it would do, i guess i need my head examined???

the scans above are from the newer drive