Pacific Assault, No CD?

Hello Everyone,
I have Medal of Honor, Pacific Assault, and for some reason, it says the Cd’s not in the drive. I suspect it has something to do with Alcohol 120%, or something similar. I’ve tried using my DVD-R drive, and the CD-RW…both lite-on units. If anyone out there has run into this, and knows how to get the darned game to run, I’d appreciate the help. I’m beginning to think I will have to wipe my drive, and start again…because something in the system registry is being detected the game doesn’t like, and won’t allow it to run. Jeeze…I understand the need for these companies to protect their product, but when I buy the game and it won’t run because someone in the company got carried away with attempting to block their product being illegally recorded, they’ve gone too far! Anyway, if anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it.
MSI-K7N2, Muskin 2x256 Low Latency, H/Perfomance Memory Modules, XP Barton 2600 AMD, Nvidia FX-5700

Check under emulation and look for a setting that says something to the effect ignore media and make sure you don’t have alcohol 120 opened up. close it and it should work fine now. (you could also try to disable all emulations and close the program, that should work too.)

We run MOPA from image only. Cant rember the settings right now but if you PM me your details I will send you the batch file.