P708A dislikes Imation 650 MB CD-R s?

Just upgraded my burner from Pioneer A03 to Plextor P708a. Tried copying a 40 MB file at maximum speed using Imation 650 MB CD-r s with Record Now Max 4.5 and Instantcopy 7 on my Win XP system but the process hung up each time. Played with changing PIO-DMA and rebooting system. Sees the media fine each time. Switched media to Samsung 650 CD-R s and the same file and disk copied perfectly. What gives, Imation CD-r s are good brands arn’t they? Anybody experienced the similiar thing with CD-r


Have you identified the manufacturer of the Imation discs? I had some here too and they were manufactured by CMC, in my opinion not the best CD-R manufacturer.

Yes, I concur. Imation CD-Rs are by CMC and they are certainly not of the best quality. Although, I have to add, I did not have any particular problems with a spindle of them I have used.