P5Q deluxe Motherboard problem




I bought a new computer and it has some problems. The motherboard is P5Q deluxe.

Computer specs:
2.33 Ghz intel core 2 quad
around 380GB SATA hardrive

when i connect the power cable the power light and reset light on the motherboard light up, but when i press the power switch to turn on the computer, nothing happens (NO fan spinning - no fan spins including the CPU, power supply and etc…)

Any help is appreciated…



Disconnect everything and reconnect only the utmost necessary things like power supply, memory, cpu and video. See if it works then.


I have tried but, sadly :sad: problem still persists. Any furthur help would be greatly appreciated.


Does the cpu get warm while powered on?


If store bought take it back

Have you checked to see if any wires came off in transit. Does not happen often but could happen.
May have a bad switch.

If not store bought maybe someone hooked it up wrong, try pressing the reset button and see if that works.


No, CPU does not warm up. It is second hand, not newly bought and all wires are securely attached. Also i was thinking it might be the power supply, but i tried the working power supply from my other computer and it still doesn’t works. Any way the reset button does not work as well. Thanks for the concern.


What about the connections inside…from the mobo to the power and reset switches?


Hey, First thanks everyone for the concern.

Any way i found out the problem, my computer came with cockroaches and i sprayed the computer, today i decided to use hairdryer on the computer. then i started it,IT worked.



Real bugs in the PC? :eek:

Glad you found and fixed the problem though :clap: