P5a asus ali socket 7 motherb - asus TNT2 lockup or hanging



I have a problem with my motherboard......
asus P5A ali V socket 7 motherboard...
and my asus TNT2 videocard...
I have been using both software of the
nvidia site and asus site...and ali site...
but still the games sometimes hang!!!
anyone with the same problems......
or maybe a solution???


I’ve got the same (or most likely the same problem) with that card. programs hanging or they aren’t fast enough.

strange …i hope someone can help you and me.


I’m using that same motherbord (asus P5a) with a Voodoo 3 2000 the only thing that’s slow is Windows but that’s cause I have to re-install it!
No probs with the bord!

Good luck!


thats correct , you probebly have a pci voodoo , with pci I have no problems at al…
only agp gives my a hangup…


that’s correct! I’ve got the PCI version of V3 2000!


are you sure you have the latest bios revision for your motherboard? what about the latest agp drivers? I used to have a similar problem with my P5A-B motherboard and an AGP TNT, but after a couple of bios flashings everything worked fine.