P4PE Had To Be Returned and Replaced

I just built a new machine using an ASUS P4PE. The board would not recognize either the PS2 mouse or the PS2 keyboard. That little module evidently was not properly soldered to the rest of the board. :frowning:

I returned it and got another P4PE. This one worked properly. :wink:

I put a P4 2.53gz chip together with 512mb of DDR PC 2700 ram and an ATI 8500 video card with 128 mb of video ram. :rolleyes:

I recommend ASUS boards although I’m wondering about the QA at the production facility where P4PE boards are fabricated. :confused:

I am happy the store replaced the board. I’m not happy at all the extra time it took to disassemble the first board, take it back to the store, and then reassemble the new board. I lost 3 days due to the problem. :bigsmile:

“You pays your money and you takes your chances.”:eek: