P4P800-E Delux and Running 2 Sticks of Ram

For some reason everytime I try to run another stick of ram in my computer it does not post. It will not show the little Asus AI icon. The first stick of ram with a Kingston and the new stuff is Ultra. Can I not use two different types? I’m not sure whats going on, I asked Asus via their web tech support and that was just plain useless.


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Take your time and read your user guide manual. Especially pages 2-12 to 2-15.


BTW, in next post please specify your “sticks of ram”.

Edit. RTFM is bad english for; read the * manual…


The Ulrta Ram i have is http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=586829&Sku=ULT30215 and the Kingston stuff is http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-141-424&depa=1

EDIT: Also each stick works on its own just the two together do not. I’ve read that part of the manual and i’ve tried the configuartion they suggest for dual channel. However, when I boot with just one stick it says “Single Channel or Vitrtual Single Channel” for the mode. I dont know if Dual channel needs to be enabled or what.

Sorry i didn’t mean it to be bad. I don’t have that m/b but i do have dual channel on my m/b and i use matching pairs of RAM

And they never will.

To run dual channel you have to have “similar” memorys. Not exactly the same timings (CAS, Precharge, burst), but both must have “the ability” to run with same timings.
Edit. Also check your AI overclock tuner, as on page 4-15 to 4-18. Choose the lowest timings; “Standard” and “Auto”.

Your Kingston stick is qualified by Asus. “Ultra”…? Never heard of them.
You better get one additional Kingston stick if you like to run Dual Channel without problems… :wink:

If i go and purchase another stick of ram. It says in the manual that it will run in Single Channel Mode. Since its running in that mode, it shouldn’t matter on what I have for ram right? I wouldn’t need anything but memory that is for my mother board.

…Must be my bad english, but I have hard to understand what you have in mind… :confused:

Here is a page how $ntel sees this all. :wink:

BTW, If you have´t got it yet how Dual Channel mode is enabled, then you better study user guide manual once more.

Well what i meant was. If I was to purchase one more stick of ram(making it 3 sticks of ram) and put those into my mother board, in the manual it says that it will set the memory setting to Single Channel Mode. Which is what im running now with my one stick of ram. So my guess is, if I buy that 3rd stick of ram and put it into my computer, it should make it Single Channel Mode for the memory and allow me to boot into my system. I can’t really take back the RAM I just purchased so I rather see buying another stick and have more memory then buying another stick of the other stuff just for dual channel and less memory. Will my idea work? By buying that extra stick and putting it into Single Channel Mode allow me to actually boot?

Match your ram… Ultra, Kingston, OCZ, Corsair, etc. use different manufacturer’s memory chips. Different speeds, timings, etc. Even if they used the same memory chips their board designs are unique them. System reliability will be questionable whether you’re running single or dual channel with miss-matched memory, even if you get the machine to post.

Test your configuration with memtest or prime95………

make sure the latency matches like if one is 3ns and the other is 2.5ns
you probably won’t get a post they have to match latency, and for troubble shooting purposes use one stick at a time to see if maybe one of those sticks is bad.

I know this is not easy to understand and I like the post above by pcdoc better. :wink:

Latency RAS-to-CAS is about (delay, read-write) cycles, not the memory speed in total…
The memory chip speed rating in nanoseconds (like 5ns) has nothing to do with “timings” or latency.

To clear things up, here is a pic from my Intel link in post above. :cool: