P4 MB Question



As i am new to the p4 845 chipset (AMD/VIA USER) do you guys install that chipset inf and application accellerator programs from intel using windows xp? i remember clone cd had some issues with those programs..

Not directly related to clone cd but do they help or is it best to leave xp alone....

Thanks in advance!


if you install the accelerator i think if i remember right that it will disable the DMA to always off on your writer…

xp runs fine without it…


Yes… the DMA checkbox disappares when using Intel AppAcc. But I think if you want most out of your harddrives you want to install it. If you have the CD/CD:s alone on Secondary IDE you can always change the secondary harddisk driver back to Microsofts own driver and then enable DMA.
I run my system only on Intel AppAcc. and do not notice any drawbacks without the DMA checkbox.