P4 heat spreader and Arctic Silver 5

The other day, I took my heatsink off and cleaned it and the heat spreader, applied Arctic Silver 5 per its instructions, and have seen my processor run just as hot. So my question is, would it be a good idea to remove the heat spreader from the P4 core and clean then apply some compound there too? Or is the stuff Intel uses just fine, and I need to look into another way to cool?

Thanks! Cory

Unless the orginal stuff was real junk or put on wrong these new fancy greases are not going to make that much difference. A few degrees at best. Was your system running cooler before and has been getting hotter as time rolls on? If so maybe it’s time to look for the real obvious stuff first. Like dust in the case vents in the front and back, Fans that are dirty and slowing down, Dust in the heat sinks and the condition of your cpu fan. Anywhere air was made to flow through. Some of those areas can be really hard to see. Open it up, get a flashlight, take your time, and really look around close.

If your over clocking anything all bets are off

I would use some mineral spirits and clean very thoroughly to remove the old compound off both the P4 core and heatsink.

The arctic silver will give you a difference and it should be around up to 5deg maxx, will most likely be only 2 or 3deg though on avg.