P4 CPU Fan Speed/Temp

I recently built a system for a friend, runs fine, apart from CPU Fan Speed & Temp.

The M/B is ASUS P4PE, CPU P4 2.4ghz, not overclocked.
It the CPU Temp Idle is 42-47 deg C(depending on room temp) and the FAN speed is never goes over 2200 RPM.
At full load it hits 57 deg C and the FAN speed doesnt increase.
Its just a stock HSF that comes with the processor.
Also has 3 system FANs in the case.

I have a GA-8PE667-Ultra, my CPU isnt overclocked either, its temp at idle is 36-41 deg C. Mine is too the stock intel HSF. My CPU Fan Speed is using around 2800-3300 RPM depending on temp.

I believe the ASUS P4PE Fan speed is to slow, it also has Q-FAN and if I set it to maximun speed it doesnt go any faster. I believe the FAN speed is impacting on the CPU Temp, Im thinking about trying another HSF, thought it might be a PSU issue. Has anyone got any ideas?

As long as the system in stable, I wouldn’t worry about the PSU too much. If may however be a good idea, to connect the fan directly to the PSU, instead of through the mainboard.

I must say that the temperature of the P4 system is quite high (if the readings are correct, never trust too much on them). By swapping CPU and/or HSF you can test if the reading are correct or somewhat faulthy.

As long as the system isn’t instable there’s no real reason to worry about the temperatures. Ok, the lower the better you’d say, but its still within limits.

I dont have a cable to connect it directly to the PSU, what are the operating CPU temps for P4 systems and CPU Fan Speeds?


Don’t worry about it, it’s still within normal P4 tempt. Don’t buy a different HSF, just get a different fan for it w/ 4 pin molex and hook it up to PSU molex, you’ll get maximum RPM that way. The fan header on that Asus mobo is obviously underpowered. Just remember to turn off the annoying CPU fan detecting option in BIOS.

QFan usually does not work with low speed fans, it’s designed for high speed fans. If you raally wanr a temp-controlled fan, get one of the available smart fans, that is calibrated for CPU temps, and place the temp probe on or under the heat sink. The Antec Smart Fan Remote is working great here. Be carefulkl though, some of the smart fans are calibrated and designed for casefan application.