P4 and PD comparison

Hello…I´m going to buy a new computer and I need an advice

What procesor has more performance … Intel Pentium4 641( 3.2GHz BOX LGA775 2MB 65nm) or Intel PentiumD 930(3.0GHz 800M BOX LGA775 4MB dual)

I tried to fing any comparison tests but I found everywhere only test with Conroe withou P4

One more question
When we compare Intel PentiumD 930(3.0GHz 800M BOX LGA775 4MB dual) and Intel PentiumD 945( 3.4GHz 800M BOX LGA775 4MB dual) the first one has is 3.0 Gh the second is 3.4Gh but the second is cheaper. It is because of Intel Virtualisation. Has this technology influence on performance and how much ??


Here’s a link for you: http://www23.tomshardware.com/cpu.html

narciskom, if you are up to build a new Intel box forget the Intel Pentium 9**, 8**, 6** processors.
Even the “slowest” core 2 Duo (1.86GHz) will outperform them all. :bigsmile:

NetBurst technology is dead. Long live microarchitecture. :slight_smile:


What Pinto2 said is true. Unless you are on a tight budget, go for the Core 2 Duo.