P4 3.2HT Won't burn or read at 16x

I’m still a newbie and trying to figure this out:

I have a 1620 (B7T9 with speed hack) from Newegg, and when I run the Cd-DVD speed tests, it seems to read smoothly to 15, then jitters. My computer can’t burn above 13.8x. The burst rate is 23mbs.

My computer:
I’m running a P4 3.2HT, with 1 gig of Dual Channel Ram. The HD’s are on one IDE (running DMA5) and the Secondary BenQ/Liteon (running DMA2)

What does it mean? The computer should be fast enough to burn at 16x?

My detailed specs are posted in: InfoTool

Try running the stock B7T9, I personally have had problems with the speed-hack. How are the optical drives configured, cable select? If so, jumper the BenQ to master and the Trash Drive (Litey) :wink: to slave and test again… Good Luck!

pcdoc - Thanks for the help

I disconnected the Lite-On CDRW and changed to B7U9, and now I can get a clean 16x!

It was previously set as: 1620 Master, Liteon Slave