P4 2Ghz @ 2,67 Ghz anyone?




I did some tests today with a 2Ghz CPU; 400Mhz FSB.
It runs without any problem on an ASUS P4T-533c, at 533 FSB…

Because of it’s locked multiplier, the cpu runs at 20 x 133 = 2667Mhz, without overclocking the whole motherboard. Normally, the CPU is designed for 100Mhz quadpumped but the system has been running for a day now and no error occured. 100% cpu-usage was no problem at all. Temperatures stay under 48°C.

I did some Sisoft Sandra tests and it equals the 2,66Ghz model (it’s even slightly faster)

Is this all normal, or am I extremely lucky? Or am I about to fry my cpu and mobo? :slight_smile:


Not every P4 2,0 CPU will be able to run at this frequency, but it is not a miracle.

When the first P4 2,2’s hit the market, www.blue-hardware.com ran it at 2,93, and it worked. Many P4 Northwoods run at astonishing clock speeds.

However, I’m less lucky: My P4 2,4 does not want to run faster than 2,84.

P4’s are internally protected against overheating, so it’s virtually impossible to fry it.


Just make sure you don’t raise your VCore above 1,70V. Lots of Northwoods have (suddenly) died because of overlocking (VCore too high). This is called SDNS - Sudden Death Northwood Syndrome.

About Sandra: don’t trust it too much. It’s nice for comparing your system with other systems, but the built-in values don’t perfectly represent the real-life performance. These values are “synthetic”…


That’s indeed pretty similar to my experiences; I can’t overclock a 2.26Ghz on the ASUS mobo, whereas the 2Ghz now runs 400Mhz faster than the 2.26 on the very same mobo.

So I guess I had good luck with the 2Ghz and bad luck with the 2.26 :slight_smile: