P4 2.4Gig 800FSB --- AU$321

hi this deal is exclusive to CDFreaks members only, until the 15th June 2003.

if you want to buy this chip, remember to tell me in your email, your CDFreak username so you can take advantage of this low price.

price includes GST, but doesn’t include delivery.
delivery costs can be calculated from Aust Post, the link is on the site - under “Delivery”


i hope u got the ok from cdfreaks to do this. this is from the forum guidelines:

If you want to advertise Your products or services, you can contact Domin8tor for prices of banners and other sponsorship options.


i PM’d huzzy a few days ago about the site &
about adding it to the list
he said it would be fine & give him the url

my post count may not be super high, but i’ve been a member of CDFreaks for sometime now & regularly frequent the forums.
the offer is genuine;if it is breaking any rules i’m sorry, that was never my intention.

Simple , but good website you have. Never seen websites which mention the complete chip id# of their cpu stock. Too bad i don’t live in AU$