P3 Computer needs new HDD, is this compatible?



Well installing a second hdd is another thing I haven’t done yet, I currently have a ST320413A 20 gig hard disk in my P3, 256 ram, 966mhz desktop computer. Would this hard disk be compatible:

I know this computer probably wont be able to cope with serial ata, so its ‘parallel’ (??) ata for this thing.How do I know what to go for?


knowing what motherboard you have would help, but chances are it wont support 48-bit LBA simply meaning the bios wont be able to see more than 137GB, however using a PCI IDE controller card would avoid this problem but sometimes it can cause even more problems, so either go for a 120GB hard drive if your latest bios will support it (for that visit the board manufacturers site) or buy a PCI IDE controller card.


That seems like sound advice Mr B.


This is what CPU-Z is telling me;

what does that mean :confused:


Given that your BIOS is dated 2001 (as mine is), you’ll probably need an update (as Mr B said, visit the board manufacturer’s site)…or try the other suggestion posted, i.e. a controller card - failing either of those two, I’d guess you’re stuck with the size limit.

I didn’t bother with a card in my PC, I just got a 120 gig HDD, and I have a second 20 gig one if extra space is needed.


Edit: you might also find an update of some kind on HP’s site, since you have an HP PC…


Found a link to the product; http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Home.jsp?locale=en_US&prodTypeId=12454&prodSeriesId=32853&submit.y=0&submit.x=0&cc=us&lang=en

EDIT Found the product number of the mobo; D9820-60011


nope, doesnt look like I can find whether it’ll support 48 lba or not :frowning: does anyone know a way of finding out through a site they know? I’ve been googleing for half an hour.


Ok, maybe Im asking too much of everyone lol, would this drive be ok for my p3?





I still have some P3, they are Dual systems but still P3.
So all what counts here is the hdd/IDE/PATA support by the hardware & BIOS.
Check the manual if possible…


no manual :(, the pc was bought in the classifides in a newspaper.

I can take a macro photo of the inside of the box if that would help>?


I would guess that the HDD you picked would be fine. :slight_smile:


Yes, it should work fine.


I put a 250gb hd in my old compaq. I just used the western digital utility to get it to recognize the entire drive.


What model was it? I want a seagate hard disk and dont want to end up getting it and not being able to use it.


Consider getting a PCI SATA controller card. There are many products with at least 2 channels each with 150MB/s or 300MB/s bandwidth. That way, you can use any SATA HDD and more than double your IDE power. I assume you can get one for less than US$20. On that ebuyer.com, Seagate SATA 7200.9 250GB costs £55.34 excluding VAT and £65.03 including VAT while that 80GB PATA costs £28.95 £34.02 inc VAT. This also looks good though it’s a Maxtor: [I]Maxtor 6V200E0 200GB SATA300 7200rpm 8MB Cache - OEM £44.34 £52.10 inc VAT[/I]


Some manufacturers like Maxtor supply extra tools with their harddisks to make them fully usable even if the BIOS doesn’t support it properly…
I think in case of Maxtor it was MaxBlast v4.


Creates a bootable MaxBlast 4 installation diskette.

Compatible with Windows 98SE, Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
[B]Breaks the 528 MB, 2.1 GB, 4.2 GB, 8.4 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 137 GB capacity barriers. [/B]
Supports both FAT32 and NTFS drive partitions.
Easy to use, Graphical Interface (GUI) with mouse and printer support.
Supports up to four ATA devices in the same system*.
The copy feature lets you make an exact duplicate of your existing hard drive.
Fast ATA and Serial ATA compatible.
The installation tutorial option allows you to view the installation process before physically installing your Maxtor ATA hard drive.
Note: There must be at least one Maxtor ATA Disk Drive installed in the system for MaxBlast 4 to run

[B]Seagate: DiscWizard[/B]