P2PUnite.net Calls for a Worldwide Boycott the last week of April

A general call to all P2P-users

As of late the MPAA’s and RIAA’s of the world are claiming that we are robbing them of their rightly earned money and are trying to find ways to legally put and end to it. The scare tactics have been fruitful, it would seem as they keep getting settlements out of court and probably make a profit out of it.

This campaign of theirs, of course, isn’t to target and eradicate filesharing as much as an attempt to control the market and where our money goes. Most of us feel that they should very well look into availability and affordable prices instead of claiming higher moral ground. The wealthiest nowadays decide what we shall listen to and watch, using staggering PR campaigns, and most releases are “format” productions, where talent and creativity comes second only to business concept and money.

Ironically, dramatic theatres, opera houses and so on are desperately trying to find an audience among the “common” people, as it’s seemed like high-brow, and here we are dealing with a situation where the production companies are working towards a dangerous inaccessibility for regular Joes. It is a natural thing that we want to be able to watch the movies and listen to the music, it has always been and always will be. Hence we turn to filesharing, and/or borrow CD’s from our friends and so on.

Availability and affordable prices.

How many has bought a CD, watched a movie that has turned out to be less than satisfactory? How many has felt cheated of a night out at the movies, going there following posters and trailers for a big box-office release that turned out to be one of those “let’s save the movie company a few bucks by fooling people into watching this dud during the first weekend”? How many get sick to their stomachs hearing about revenue losses and then be treated to a “Cribs” episode on MTV? The production companies has the audacity to say that we are using people’s creativity and talent, without paying for it. Well - guess what - most P2P’ers actually DO BUY THE PRODUCTS THEY LIKE.

We continue to see fantasy figures of what kind of revenues the production companies would have had, weren’t it that the products were obtainable online. It’s complete and utter nonsense, of course, as they seem to be oblivious to the highly human trait that they sport themselves, are shared by everybody: The Power Of Owning. Everybody wants to own things. Having a pirated copy NEVER exchanges the glory of a movie theatre or having a box bought and paid for, that prides your bookshelves.

And to prove this, a general call out to all that has shared a file, downloaded something from online or think that the prices are outrageous in general, let’s send a message to the powers that be.

[color=purple]The last week in April 2005 - 24th up until and including 30th - let’s show how much money we are spending on them in reality already by denying them it. Don’t go to the movies, don’t buy any entertainment products during that week.

This is not to be confused as “go pirate everything you can find as the production companies are common robbers” but as a way to show that we are indeed supporting them already, so stop fighting us!

Spread the word everywhere you can think of[/color]