P2P Software

I’m looking for a user friendly P2P software program. I’m using Limewire. I would like to get into bit torrent but so far it seems extremely difficult. I’ve picked up bugs galore trying to find a user friendly bit torrent website.
Any help?

I use Utorrent and I have had no problems so far.

Another good point is that you dont have to install it on your system.

Here is a link for you Utorrent

Azureus is pretty good I find.

The best client is IMO Azureus.
As for the torrent sites, why go to the trouble of searching every one of them when there’s a site that does it for you?

etc etc…

I haven’t tried Limewire because i’m weary of it. I hear that it’s a gateway to trojans and other nasty stuff. I’ve been using Bittorrent for a long time now and I have pretty good luck finding the albums I want. The only drawback is that. It’s not for single files. I had to download a half gig discography for 4 or 5 songs by this one artist. LoL.

most torrent apps let you choose what file you want to download, assume the torrent is a set of files. If its just a compressed lot of files, you’re sol.

It don’t matter which P2P software your using you can end up with Trojans. Most of the P2P accesses the same torrents so if you are going to download something with a Trojan you will get it.

I have to agree with coathi, the moral is scan everything with an antivirus before installing it, regardless of source.

bit spirit i found it very good … check it its free http://www.techspot.com/downloads/270-bit-spirit.html

its the best one believe me

The best bang for you bang is using utorrent, but if you have a decent computer with ram to spare go for Azerus.

I wouldnt bother with mininova or isohunt if you can get into a private tracker like demonoids.com (hehehe i got invited a couple months ago to that site). Other than that use piratebay, isohunt or mininova. Not to many other torrent sites i would trust.

bang for your buck*

Azureus or uTorrent + http://www.torrents.to/

That’s pretty much all you need to get started.

Shareaza is deffiently the way to go, expacially if your gonna download torrents. Shareaza has a scheduler wich lets u tell it how much bandwith u want to be going in or out at what time, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT if your using a cable connection, because u will have to upload while downloading and if u have a constast upload of 150kbs for over a certain amount of time, ur modem will be capped to a lower speed.

Long story short being able to set a schedule helps keep u from losing speed. I set mine for full speed one hour, limit 50% the next, full again, and then no speed at all. THen repeat that order. This will keep u download and uploading at top notch. I can dl 1.1mbps at my best and upload 800kbps on my best.

there’s a plugin for Azureus which does the same thing as above…

Shareaza is definitely NOT the way to go when choosing a BT client…

BitComet and BitSpirit are good BT clients. I mostly use BitComet unless the tracker banned it, then I use BitSpirit. If you want to minimize your chance of getting viruses and other stuff, use PeerGuardian2, you can add a bad trojan and fake file senders’ ip to your block list, so they can’t connect to you at all.

why would you recommend a client like BitComet that is banned on many well run trackers? there’s a reason it’s banned :rolleyes: