P2P: reliability


I’m using eMule as my P2P program and so far I’ve found it good in terms of files availability.
Also a positive point is the reliability of the files quality.
By this I mean having the files separated in Official Release and Non-Official Releases.
Downturn on eMule: the speed (so I’ve heard). It looks like Bt is faster.

Can someone tell me how BT is in terms of reliability? Are the files quality reliable? Are there sites more reliable than others?

Many thanks for the inputs you may give.

The availability on Bt network is mainly new or extremely popular files, where as the ed2k network (which is what eMule connects to) has a much broader avaialbility of files old and rare compared to BT. So a file you see may not be avaialable a month later on BT but could still be on ed2k for years.

Regardless of the network you connect to download always equals upload bandwidth and speed can not be created out of thin air.

But, having a 2Mb connection, I usually get around 45k/s while some friends of mine, also having a 2Mb conn, get twice as much.
Can this be?

What about tracebility? Is it easier to “find” me via ed2k or BT?


You can be traced on either as your IP needs to be available for others computers to see you.

Your download speed is technically imeterial as it is the upload speed of those you are connected to that determins how fast you get what you want. As to why your friends can get faster speeds without knowledge of your eMule settings I can’t tell you exactly, but there are many reasons, for example they most probably are downloading different files from the ones you are and so the sources would be different, they may connect to more sources than you, they may have more files on the go than you (equating to a fasted cumulative download speed) etc.

One thing with eMule is you should set your limits to 80% of line capacity or you risk choking your own downloads.

The ed2k network is not known for lightning speeds but more for the reliability and availability of files. You can use bot services BT for new files you want fast and eMule for older files. Just don’t run both at the same time.

Again download speed can not exceed upload speed, and unfortunately it doesn’t matter how fast your down speed is whiile ISPs keep giving crappy upload.

Thanks JayC30.

While using eMule I’ve limited my upload speed to 10k/s (recommended value in several posts).

Regarding BT files: what do you think of them in terms of quality? I was looking at Isohunt and while in ed2k, looking at the forums, I have one post with all the links to the various files inside, in BT I get several different files, sometimes from different “owners”…


To be honest, I don’t use BT, I have a basic understanding of it’s working but it is not the network for me, therefore I can’t comment on the quality of things, but release groups tend to be good quality, their name relies on it. As with ed2k network there are likely to be different people releasing the “same” file, there are some BT version of ed2k link sites it might be an idea if you take a look for them I will ask a few people I know about some and PM them to you.

The 10kB/s is the minimum you should have for unlimited downloads, if you go below 10 then you are locked into a ratio. Divide your upload speed by 8 to get kB/s from the kb/s othat your ISP most probably advertises at then set your upload at 80% of that, you should also set your dl to 80%. For example my my line speed is 512/256kb/s (64/32kB/s), so my upload limit should be roughly 24kB/s and my download roughly 48kB/s.

Remember your ID status (high/low) can have an indirect effect on your peed in the ed2k network by limiting the number of sources you can connect to, so a high ID is better.

If i understood there´s no way of avoid the tracebility.
The IP needs always to be available?
Can we make the IP variable?

Yes that is correct!!! If you are going to download from P2P they can trace you very very easily! They might already have your IP and details and if not it could very easily be the next time you are on or the time after that or after that. They are not going to tell you when they are going to trace you, they just do it You can try a lot of different things to hide your IP but none of them work. The trail will always lead back to you.

As i said in another thread

Yes that is correct haveacigar! Even at most library’s to use the computer you need a library card or give them your details, and they keep a record of when you use it and for how long.

Plus also as I said most if not all public access pcs, library, cafes, work etc, do not allow the users to install software and therefore effectively cut off file sharing. Then add the fact most p2p clients work best over long periods of time and that effectively means no go for there use.

There is onle one gauranteed way of anonymity: Unplug your PC from the phone line. THough this defeats the purpose but you will be anonymous.

If you ae using a domestic ISP your IP changes every time you re-connect, it’s called a dynamic as opposed to static IP. This does not help anyway as your ISP keeps records of who had which IP at what time.

Ok, thanks for the precious information you both gave me.
I asked, because, now in my country they say its ilegal to use Emule and i don´t wanna get troubles with anyone.