P2P networks and MP3 downloads

I understand that discussing P2P networks and MP3 downloading is not permitted on this forum.

My question is are there any forums (what is the URL) where such discussions are permitted and not censored? Thanks.

Certainly posting a URL is not illegal and should not violate the rules here, as long as there are no direct discussions on the subject. It is only reasonable.

talking about p2p is illegal??
didn’t know that…

i think it is illegal to talk about them if you discuss downloading illegal stuff from them


I believe this site might be just what you have in mind…

There are forums for every P2P service available… so you should be able to find help or advice with whatever P2P prog you use.

I don’t think simply talking about P2P is “illegal” where you might be arrested, in any civilized country , but it may be against the rules of this forum.

Certainly, even the MPAA and RIAA, the biggest villans on the internet, have not tried to stop simple discussions on the subject, even in the USA where they own many high paid lawyers and politicians, and the draconian DMCA lives.

It’s just that certain forum moderators have chosen to censor certain topics for some unknown reason.

Thanks for the link.

perhaps a Mod can answer our question…please

AFAIK the talking and discussion about Peer 2 Peer and Mp3’s is permitted.

The thing is … why does 99,99999% of the p2p community to USE peer to peer for and of what kind of music are that same 99,999999% ripping ?

Righto … copyright protected material… and how to make lots of copies , edit them , ship them , distribute them , etc… IS not permitted on the cdfreaks forum. The single exception is to make a PERSONAL BACKUP for yourself.

It’s not that we’re stupid or something… like we don’t know that most people use the technologies explained on this forum for more harm instead of doing good ?

It’s the same thing that your teacher/chef actually KNOWS you’re a lazy bum at school/work , but he couldn’t be bothered to tell you constantly.

So keep it a little civilized and don’t talk about how cool it was to download the latest james bond movie dvd rip from kazaa… we don’t care… really … we don’t. And if you ask how to encode that illegal content to the SVCD format… yes… we will block/delete/edit the post. The forum tries to stay legitemate and discuss all the techniques there are in a legitemate way… just don’t tell us you use it for evil things , ok ?

thank you…i thought the same