P2P legal in Canada?

I just wanted to verify this; is it legal to use p2p networks to download copywrited material in Canada? I think it’s legal but i’m not 100% sure.

For now the answer is technically a yes. Find more articles here.
But, either way your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can still suspend or cancel your account if they get reports from the RIAA (or any similar group) linked to your IP address. It’s in the fine print in your contract that you are not allowed to use their service to download copyrighted material.

There are many cheap and totally legal/moral services available to download files. I suggest people in Canada pay for what you want.

One last thing, even though it may be technically legal in Canada it is NOT legal in Denmark where the CD Freaks server is located. Therefore we must abide by Denmark’s laws, which mean that we are walking on a very fine line. Do NOT post or ask for any further specifics in this thread other than the legal proceeding/president.
(i.e., no questions on when or how to download any copyrighted materials are permitted whatsoever)

Come and see italy…
up to 1500 euro per each copyrighted file found , and from 6 months to 4 years jail…

The fine print thing isn’t a problem since the companies actually defend the user in court. Look at the lawsuit., the ISPs refused to release the names of the downloaders.

Yes I agree. But it doesn’t mean the person got to keep their account, just that they didn’t face any legal ramifications.

p2p is ilegal, 99% of files o p2p arnt, but the riaa cant touch canadians mate.

yes, right now technicaly it is legal. I wouldn’t worry about the ISP’s at the moment either since they benefit, they sell more high bandwidth services this way :slight_smile:

Hello, All…

I think MOST ISP’s already banned file sharing. Even if you do connect to eDonkey2000 network, and there are available sources for the file, you get absolutley no connection, ZERO bytes!!!

Now, you can’t even connect to eDonkey!

If you try every other file sharing program out there, you get no connection.
Kazaa works, but it is loaded with JUNK files and extremley insecure. You get connected to SuperNodes, whose IP is untraceable.

I know all about firewall and that jargon, so I belive that file sharing in Canada is pretty much banned. If not legally, at least technically no more.

Even if you go with dialup, ISP’s disable the file-sharing port. Perhaps ADSL companies do likewise.

File sharing is pretty much over. Maybe it will take a little bit of time to bypass the ban.

Its not legal here, they just won’t go after you…yet.

You are safe for now, but not for long…

You can connect to the ed2k network. Like any other p2p program you have to share to get anything, if you like to leech then you get next to nothing.

You can do whatever you please in Canada, as you can anywhere else in the world. Its just that there are consequences to what you do. At the moment, the law is kinda toothless in what they can do to you, but that doesn’t mean it will never change.

As a p.s. to the OP, downloading copyrighted material is illegal no matter where you do it.

Hello, tas69:

I don’t know about your DSL or Cable ISP’s, but as far as 3WEB is considered, you can’t connect to eDonkey2000 Network.

I know that you can’t leech, etc, but it was perfectly working, now you can’t connect, you can’t search for files… Even if you maximized uploads, you get ZERO downloads even though there are “sources” out there…

I think the ISP’s are steadily blocking file-sharing. I tried three dialup companies so far, and I DID call them about file-sharing, and they said they disabled the sharing ports on their server…

You can tunnel through another SuperNode or tunnel through an http proxy server, but I don’t know if it will entail legal predictments.

The guaranteed file-sharing program is “UseNext” but I personally believe it is a guaranteed arrest!!! You give them your Credit Card, address, name, so they might as well mail you the handcuffs for extra convenience.

I think we will need to wait for a hack to overcome the ban… Because they blame piracy for everything… from down music sales to global terrorism.

Can check this link for file sharing / p2p legality in Canada , bottom of document table 7.1


I use Telus in western Canada. Cable ISP’s in the west resell Shaw and DSL ISP’s in the west resell Telus. The only known throttling out west, is from Shaw which in turn affects resellers of Cable. The problem with Telus is that they have a insanely low bandwidth limit. They have ok usenet, which is tempermental (go with usenet service if you’re a heavier user). Ed2k network and BT is unthrottled.

I think there’s a marked difference between something being legal and something that you can get away with scot free (for now).

Actually Shaw and Telus do throttle, the software they use is from Ellacoya Networks.

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I know for a fact Telus does not throttle currently in a very large western Canadian city. I get full speeds with emule and utorrent. Shaw on the other hand has higher limits for downloading and faster speeds, but they throttle the hell out of it. If you doubt what I’m saying, check out Broadband Reports under Shaw and Telus.

From my understanding, it’s “legal” to download the music, but it’s “illegal” to share the music with other users (note the quotations, the law is still very vague, regardless of a judge’s ruling is).
It’s still a very fine line and it’s difficult to see where the situation will go, although I definitely would not mind if the situation stays the same. IMO file sharing strongly promotes a lot of Indie artists who would have never gotten the exposure otherwise.

As for throttling, I’m not really sure whether Shaw throttles or not; I should fix my Smoothwall soon. :wink:

Hello, All… Greetings, tas69…

Did anyone hear the recent news of eDonkey 2000 “closure” in USA??? When you get connected to eDonkey, their ad disappears upon connection…

Maybe they shot the donkey, but the e-part is finally running fine…

I think “Shaw” the cable provider in the West in an extention of Rogers Monopoly… I think Shaw was bought out and taken over by Rogers…

Worst part is when they changed Air Canada Center “ACC”, at least world-renowned name, to replace it with “Rogers Center” to make it a reminder for the entire city to to pay Roger’s bills on time…

I bet ya Shaw is run by Rogers, like when they took over Fido while slowly and quitely announced the sale… Terrible… They already named UofT Dept of Comp Eng after “Rogers” too… If they paid an extra $100 Millions, UofT would be “Rogers” university…

e-Donkey is alive and well (thanks heavens!), and even if they “ban” it, it will be hacked no matter what…

Like Nagra Vision encryption… Europe’s supreme encryption, a four-year project, impossible to decrypt the keys, it was exploited in three months!!!

People are not as dumb as corporations want them to be…

I think the deal with Shaw and Rogers was that Shaw would take over the cable stuff in the west and Rogers would handle cable in the east. I think it had to do with rights to cellular stuff (you could probably get more in depth information elsewhere) and exchanging rights. Anyways I believe they are still separate companies.