P2P connectivity problems

I am currently in the USAF, stationed in central america and I have my ISP through a local provider. I have broadband through a wireless network system. I have a problem connecting to any file sharing program, I have tried Kazaa, Limewire, and Imesh. I can get to the site and download the software with no problem, but when I try to connect, all it says at the bottom is “connecting” so I contacted the administrator here on base and he said to check my connection through the command prompt. So I went to Start, Run, typed in CMD, and typed in Netstat. what I got was lines that looked something like this

TCP Tadaw:3244 c-67-172-65-72.client.comcast.net:6348 SYN_SENT

TCP Tadaw:1027 localhost:3218 TIME_WAIT

He also said that I might be timing out, I never seen that but I did see time_wait. I went to www.toast.net to check my broadband speed and got 775*K (not sure what that means becuase on my toolbar under network connections it is showing 100.0 mbps. I did a lot of research on the net and thought that the isp was blocking ports but the (on base) administrator said he didn’t think so because they are just a gateway to the internet. This is the only problem with ISP that I have, I have even totally disabled my firewall (Norton 2003 firewall/Norton 2003 Systemworks). Are there any suggestions for me to get connected to a file sharing network??? I would greatly appreciate some ideas, thanks

You might need to forward the port from the router to your local pc you could also try running a port scan to see if the required port is indeed open.

Try connecting through “socks5” protocol. Let your hardware do the rest.