P.S.X "DRIVER" wont Copy?

You might have a bad source disc.
Copied it using CDRWin and had no read errors at all.

I’m gaving a problem w/ copying Driver for PSX. I’ve backed-up every other game for PSX but for some reason Driver wont copy.It has read errors which I will setup Clone to skip.I’ve tried subchannel and still wont copy.It will make it through 83% on then the time remaining will jump from 4:00 mins to 32:00 min and so on… Anybody have a clue about this game

do you have the newest cloncd?
download perfect copy on the cdfreaks site it’s on the news section

I possibly have a bad source disk. For the version of Clone I have the newest version .I guess i can obtain another copy of driver and start from there… Thanks Guys for you advice