P e r f e c t R i p , ultimate CD(+G) imager/ripper

Coming soon to cdfreaks

Don’t be shy; give us some idea of what we could anticipate. :wink:

My thoughts exactly. Looks like an interesting title.:rolleyes:

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A project by Carlos and Truong, PerfectRip imager/ripper tool
has unique features that allow you to get the most of your drive.

Some of the features:

-Reading speed setting.
-Raw and packed (corrected) subchannel reading.
-C2 error reporting with offset correction.
-Image (main, sub and cue) and wav format output.
-Main channel offset correction in samples/bytes.
-User entered and auto detected subchannel offset correction.
-C2 pointer report bit order adjustment.
-Burst vs one read length per read command.
-Highly descriptive log output.
-MCN (UPC/EAN), ISRC, CD-TEXT reading.
-Sub & C2 alternative order setting.
-Accurate song/gap detection/extraction.

Thankyou IpseDixit, it looks like a very good tool. Is this a free program? I really like the GUI it looks as if alot of effort went into this project. Thanks for your screenshots.

Thankyou IpseDixit, it looks like a very good tool. Is this a free program?
You are welcome, thanks.
PerfectRip development
and enhancing will be possible
thanks to donations.

The registering process involves
sending a postcard of your country. :slight_smile:

Hi sorry; just caught up on this. Thanks also - it certainly looks very interesting…

Here it is:



Great project Carlos, I tried to download PerfectRip at your site but it’s not possible using this link.


PerfectRip is not ready to be released, temptative date is january first.

is it better than eac ? why ?

When you test it and decide what’s best for your needs.

WOW…very elabrate and cool looking…can’t wait till you finish this.

Looks great, and simple too. Is this like a cross between EAC and TurboRip?

I look forward to trying the program out. :slight_smile: Will it support cuesheet creation?