what exactly is P-CAV writing???

thanks in advance for any helpful information.


Taken directly from Plextor site :

P-CAV (Partial Constant Angular Velocity) Reading Method
P-CAV is similar to CAV, except that the maximum read speed (green) is reached before the end of a full disc. The maximum read speed peaks sooner than CAV towards the end of the read, as the spindle motor speed decreases to maintain a constant data throughput. Effectively, P-CAV is a combination of CLV and CAV.

oh , and before you ask (and not bother to search that one as well)

CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) Reading Method
CAV is a method where the speed of the spindle motor remains constant.

CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) Writing Method
With CLV, the write speed remains constant throughout the write. In order to achieve this, the spindle motor’s RPM must spin at maximum speed at the inner part of the disc, and then gradually slow down as the laser moves toward the outer part of the disc. The circumference of the disc increases as you move from inside to outside, causing larger amounts of data to pass through the laser in the same amount of time. The motor speed must decrease to compensate for this increased throughput and provide for a steady write speed.