P-CAV vs Zone CLV

Hello all!

I’ve recently upgraded my 32123S Liteon to the 40125S model via the firmware flash that has been a hot topic over here.

My question is: What is the difference between burning a disc with P-CAV vs. Zone-CLV? I tried to search the forums for some info but wasn’t able to dig up anything.

Any expert info would be greatly appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

That’s explained in the FAQ.

Thanks mod!!! :slight_smile: I guess I should take a look at the options in Nero for burning P-CAV rather than Zone.

Thanks again!

No software offers such options. Its always up to your firmware.

It’s simple
P-CAV is a writing (burning) method as is Z- CLV.
Today the drives technology available was optimised with P-CAV.
Tomorrow we could see appear a new method even better…

What, the burning starts @ 48x. That’d be sweet.

And would spin your disc at 24.000rpm