P-CAV 16x vs. Z-CLV 16x

Perhaps Z-CLV 16x is not that slow.

but pioneer one is never like that.
LG has got more ‘steps’, make it faster

Right, but there are only two Z-CLV 16x drives, LG GSA-4160B and Pioneer DVR-A08. Most Z-CLV 16x drives are, therefore, LG GSA-4160B. Perhaps even if Pioneer DVR-A09 continues Z-CLV 16x, they’ll even shorten the time to finish 4.7GB under six minutes. Thy can start from nearly 8x and jump from 14x to 16x at about 3.5GB point instead of 3.9GB point.

Look at these quality scan graphs.

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=111439 (your own with MCC003 at 8x)

I cannot post images of GSA-4163B recordings but I can at least say LG continues to make good DVD writers and is very busy making them better.

Until this moment, I wasn’t aware my 4120B produced in April 2004 could be this good at 16x 367 seconds SL burning.

My Pioneer DVR-108 1.14 took 6:44 or 404 seconds.

BenQ-branded SONY08D1 8x DVD-R at 16x Zone-CLV.

Physical scan drives are all SOHW-1613S using sometimes BS0H, BS0K, or even CS02 firmware.

P-CAV is faster. PX 712 does the whole disc @ 12x in 6:21. The Pioneer needs 20 seconds more @ 16x.

But in terms of writing quality i think Z-CLV is better. The laser power can be held at a certain level for a long time. With CAV it needs to be readjusted every few seconds making it much more difficult for the drive to achieve the same quality as with CLV.

I’m not sure at this time how much Partial CAV or Full CAV can be in terms of writing quality at 16x max speed, but I think it is fair to compare the (Full) CAV 16x writings from NEC ND-3500A and BenQ DW1620 with the Zone CLV writings from Hitachi-LG GSA-4160B. Bitsetting isn’t an important factor in this though it does matter a lot from many end users’ point of view. Only 10 or 20 seconds difference at 16x.

But what if Zone CLV is maximized and Parial CAV or Full CAV is also maximized? It seemed to me Plextor PX-716A could do 16x writing under 5 minutes if they could make writing quality consistently good. LG probably a little over 5 minutes with Zone CLV.

In case of Pioneer, Pioneer really hastily released DVR-A08 probably because they didn’t want to be that behind Philips. Philips and Ricoh were the first to develop and announce 16x DVD writers as far as I know though the retail marketing was mostly done by BenQ under license-partership with Philips (and Ricoh leaving this market, sadly.)