Oxford 912 bridge problems

So I finally got a FW800 enclosure, and of course there are problems.

It has the Oxford 912 bridge chip, which provides the connection between IDE burners and USB 2.0 / 1394B.

The bridge chip is recognized without a problem, and the host board drivers (for Win2k) load without difficulty.

I can read from the 202J in the cabinet, but trying to burn anything immediately gives me failed write error messages.

I’m thinking I might need to flash the bridge board to something more recent, but don’t know the authoritative site for downloading the appropriate flashing programs / .bin files for flashing.

Any pointers appreciated.

I wouldn’t try flashing any firmware unless you’re sure you know what you are doing, and that the problem you are having is specifically related to that. You could destroy the enclosure. Try exausting all other avenues first.

If you do decide to update the firmware. here is a link to where you can find firmware and instructions:


Remember, this is NOT for newbies. The instructions for doing this can be confusing and are not written with non-techies in mind.