Oxford 911 Enclosure. Can I upgrade the firmware?



I have a bytecc enclousure with an oxford 911 chipset. I’m not sure what the usb2 chipset is but it just shows up as usb 2.0~~~.

But I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade the oxford 911 firmware. How can I check my firmware version? What utility do I use to upgrade it and where can I find the firmware?

Is it safe to upgrade the firmware?

Thank you…


Checkout this link that has a decent thread on the subject:




Of course this link is even better. :slight_smile:




thanks~! i looked at the videohelp link and found what I needed…


Thanks for this thread!
Since the new MacOS X Tiger dislikes older Oxford 911 firmware, I went ahead and upgraded my external enclosures to v.4.0. The little HD’s and the LiteOn burner are working fine, but I have two 200GB Maxstor HD’s that now only get recognized as 128GB big, and both are pretty well full!!

Can this be remedied by fiddling with the config. settings on the bridgeboard or do I have to downgrade to a previous version of the firmware?

Before the flash, each had FW 3.6 and recognized the 200GB HD’s just fine.

Thanks for your help.