Owner's assessment of the Plextor PX-716



If a newby was in the market for a DVD burner and stumbled upon this web site he or she would probably hold off on purchasing a DVD burner, because everywhere you look people are complaining about their DVD burners. It is not a good sales pitch.

Setting aside, for the moment, the odd cases of a badly performing drive here and there I would like you to give your assessment of the Plextor PX-716.

Please rate the Plextor PX-716 solely on the quality of the equipment, don’t take price into account.


“Good quality, I am generally happy with it.”

PoweRec is a little too sensitive for my taste causing some high PIF values on some scans (while the PIE is perfectly acceptable all the way, even if PoweRec didn’t kick in). But, most media I write turns out pretty good to excellent. I have no major complaints. Plextor PX-716A, TLA#0202, firmware 1.03.


I also get high PIF (>4) values and acceptable PIEs on TY T02 @16x on my TLA0202 fw1.03. MCC004 @16x is fine. Only these two media I’ve tested so far though.


I’ve had this problem on Verbatim Pastels 8x DVD-R media. When PoweRec kicked in it increased the PIF values to around 6~9 while PIE was still fine. No problems on Taiyo Yuden and MCC004 DVD+R @ 16x here though. Maye it’s a random thing?


Really dont know why i purchased this drive, the 108 is a much better drive for writing DVD-R. cmc ritek fuji are my choice of disc (price) and they all have better burns in the pioneer…


I’ve now done many tests and the PIF’s often exceeds 4 - while PIE still being good.

Also got several coasters (Prodisc.R03, RitekG05 and VDSPMSAB002) - so considering the price I’ll say Poor Quality compared to NEC/BenQ.

If you get the plex - stick to the highest quality media like TY or MCC to avoid problems :frowning:


this is where i think AS will be important. no name media will take 3-4 discs but will burn effectively once AS does its thing.


can you post your scans please zevia? i’d like to compare yours with mine as those are the primary medias i burn in my 716A. i also burn CMC MAG E01 and RICOHJPN R01 02 but those are both limited to 8X in both my burners.


In which case they should not support any mid range media ie.ritek cmc fuji and leave it to AS as the default burns on this media is really poor.


I voted “unacceptable.” I just received PX-712A #5 from Plextor today… TLA#0102. Hopefully it will change my poor view of this drive.


Only TLA0102? hmm… I bought my 712A 5 months ago and got TLA0103…


Initially I wanted to finish all the test first, but I think I will post what I’ve done, soon…


thx mate. always enjoy seeing your extensive testing.


Oops… make that PX-716A #5. I get my model numbers mixed up.


Erh , I am still considering 716 so I haven’t voted … :cool:
But maybe You could clarify what PIF is ??? :o
I know about PIE- and PIO-values …
Apropós voting for bad drives :

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… Just remembering the great vote-fraud about 712 … :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


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No snow here, I live in the desert southwest of the US. In fact, I’ve only seen snow twice in my life (I’m 27), and I’ve never seen it actually falling. But I have been in 122 degree (50c) weather :wink:

As for the poll, it seems like most people think the drive is pretty good, with a few outliers either way. Hmm…

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