Owners' assessment of the NEC 3500



If a newby was in the market for a DVD burner and stumbled upon this web site he or she would probably hold off on purchasing a DVD burner, because everywhere you look people are complaining about their DVD burners. It is not a good sales pitch.

Setting aside, for the moment, the odd cases of a badly performing drive here and there I would like you to give your assessment of the NEC 3500.

Please rate the NEC 3500 solely on the quality of the equipment, don’t take price into account.


Interesting poll :slight_smile: I voted for Good quality… because nobody and anything is perfect.


If the drive supported bitsetting on +R/+RW/+R9 without firmware hacks it would have rated an excellent.


Good quality, but still i got a few coasters. (quality media, not user problem, heh)


If the drive supported bitsetting on +R/+RW/+R9 without firmware hacks it would have rated an excellent.

You can flash to the Mad Dog firmware and bitsetting. It’s factory stuff - not hacked.


I voted good quality. I still think its the best all round drive. But not perfect :slight_smile:


I also voted good quality because of it’s DL support which isn’t all that ‘excellent’ right now…


Yet an other NEC 3500 poll… :wink:

Okay, compared to my other drives NEC ND-3500 represents; good quality. :smiley:

With bitsetting (as default) and PIE/PIF error reporting capacity, this could be a perfect drive. :cool:


Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll vote. I’m picking one up today. :cool:


Flashing one drive with firmware of another from a different brand (even though it is the same physical drive) is by definition, a hack. Would it not void your warranty? The firmware itself is not hacked, but the application of the firmware is hacking the drive.


Agree with this also especally the write quality only need to slightly improve the read quality and it would be perfect…




I also rated it good. It’s one of the slowest drives at writing 8X, while one of the fastest at 12X/16X. If NEC would just make a minor change to the 8X write speeds, and add bitseting to stock f/w. it would have rated as excellent.

The 8X speed is not as much of an issue now, since media capable of 12/16X speeds are available quite cheaply, now.


i also gave it a good, nothing is perfect… :stuck_out_tongue:


We DO in fact know that nothing is. :wink: Thanks again Dee for your help with… a what, you ask? An NEC 3500, of course.

Where what happens behind the scenes where writing DVD and CD media is concerned, I thought I knew quite a little bit, untill I found CD-Freaks, so I honestly thing you could call me a noob. :iagree: I had a problem due to my bios having a secondary setting aside from DMA, that set UDMA at 100, 66, 33 or off! (Ooops.) Mine was OFF. this drive still WROTE with it off, but with a few costers and everything that wasn’t costered was not super either.

Where PIE/PIF error reporting is concerned, that really DOES kinda burn my butt, as I’d really like to know that information too. I do NOT have the money to buy a Plextor or a Lite-on, or ANY other writer for that matter. There are alot of other drives that don’t support PIE/PIF. Keep in mind though… (you didn’t want to hear the word, COST, but I’m saying it anyway! lol), dollar for dollar, it’s certainly in my honest oppinion, the BEST way to go. (How about, "take it from a guy that can NOT afford to buy the WRONG drive the 1st time out, because there will be NO second drive!) If mony had been no object, I’d have bought the Plextor Premium.

Bitsetting support FROM NEC would also be nice, but thankfully, there’s the fine folks here at Knowledge Is Power. :smiley: :iagree:

I JUST burned a test disk using Ritek Ridata R02 media (inkjet white, in case you even care) at 8X using Nero CDSpeed version 3.55, and here are the results.

It finished the xfer test AT 16X! :bow: This is in my HUMBLE opinion, looking like an EXTREEMLY good write. (Wish I had pie/pif to back that up.)

In sumary, if you don’t want to shell out more money, and can live with the only issues outlined thusly, by ALL MEANS, buy yourself this drive.



Never had to waste a disc on burning with this drive (NEC-3500) unless caused by human error. So I lso vote for quality and stability.


Good Quality. Nothing is perfect.
But my Pio’s produce better burns anyway.


I am very happy with it. And its the quietest drive I’ve ever owned too!


Good, but not good enough as 2500A :smiley:


Writes extremely well. Reads rather poorly. I have a Lite-on 1633S that reads anything you give it–fast as lightning too. My Nec 3500 fails quite a bit on reading–especially barely scratched dvd’s. I really notice this with DVD Decrypter and the NEC. I get reads speeds at zero and retries start racking up. My Litey never even hic-cups at the exact spots where my NEC goes to hell and errors out. Litey is awesome for ripping, but NEC is hands down the best for burning.

So, there is the rub–you need both.