Own select the language?

Why can’t one select the language in CloneDVD? In AnyDVD and CloneCD one can select her! I have the German system language, but CloneDVD always is when starting in English!
I can change CloneDVD by the command line options into the German language, but that is not a good solution! It would be a function in CloneDVD to changes for the language very well! :)It would be very practical for me, then I would have not always to command line options around the language to change!

From the CloneDVD manual:

Choice of language: You can set the language via a command line option. The easiest way is to right-click on your CloneDVD shortcut on the desktop to open the context menu. Please choose “Properties” and add the following option after CloneDVD.exe: -l [ISO639code]

That is well-known me! Why can’t one make it as with CloneCD or AnyDVD?
Which one can change over it in the program, how it is represented in the picture!

Why? The result is just the same…???

Ok one you are right! Surely it is the same effect, only it is more simply and more clearly it in the program to be changed, instead of going only into the file!It would be only for simpler handling! It is only suggestion! :wink: I would be pleased about the function! :iagree: I point it would be no important changes for CloneDVD!

I find a good idea! I had times the same problem, however a new operating system installed made and to it went it!(Windows XP Home) After each update to change the language over again it disturbs genuinly!


Thus does the language conversion remain with the command line options with CloneDVD? Or is it integrated directly in the program?

I think zt3001 has a good point, to have a menu like anydvd etc.


Finally it must decide Olli and Elby whether this function as into CloneCD or AnyDVD is built! I hope it do it! :cool: