Own burning program



Hi everybody,

in the recent months I programmed my own burning tool based on the mmc drafts.
I was also tracking this forum and got quite a lot of answers.
Since I have only one burner available (Ricoh MP5125 A), I do not believe,
that my program does work with any other burners.
For example I never testet DVD-R/RW and DVD+R Double Layer media.
I copied some audio discs, games and DVD-ROMs and this seemed to be successfull.

Is there anybody who has desire to test it?
Of course there is no warranty, but if someone is interested, I would share my sources.


It’s a dialog based win32 application written in C++ (I used code::blocks IDE /mingw compiler)


Sure :iagree:


I second that. :clap:

Would gladly test this on my drives.


I am quite bored at the moment, I’ll be glad to to do tests for you on my drives:
CD re-writers: Plextor Premium, LiteOn 52326S, Plextor W8432T
DVD re-writer: Benq DW1620
CDROM readers: Toshiba 1602, Asus 24x

I think maybe you’ll need to devise a basic test plan for us.


Hi everybody,

should I upload (if yes how) or email?

Does anybody want the sources? (not very well commented!)
You can do with them what you want.
The only restriction was that you do not laugh at them,
since it’s one of my first C++ projects and I’m not a professional
windows programmer!

I can send you my code::blocks project zipped.

If you have some recommendations or you find errors, please
give a feedback, I would be very pleased!



click go advanced then under attachmennts upload it as a zip file


I am interested to both testing and sources too.

Recording Drives :
Teac W58E
Sony DRU800A
and a 52X Teac at work.

Reading Drives :
Sony CDU5222
and a dumb LightOn


Hi all,

here is the zipped project (including exe)


MMCopy.zip (90.6 KB)


Thanks tom0769.

I’m keen to test it out. :wink:


I am agree with Truman,
Give us a testing walktrough or Add Logging feature to the code and tell us what to write with this app.


Hi everyone,

Is that any side effect that, when do
a) Open Drive
b) send command
c) Close Drive
for every SCSI command ?


I do not understand this :confused:


I didn’t check your sourcecode in detail, but if I understood klchin correctly, he was asking why you Open and Close the device handle each time you send a command instead of opening the device, sending all commands and finally closing the handle.


Ah, now I understand!

I’m doing this because I had some bad hang-ups due to software bugs.
In most cases the SCSI device was open when the program crashed.



Hi Tom0769,

Liggy, thx for your explaination. Infact I also not check the code in detail.

That understand, to prevent hang during development.

My question still the same - any side-effect, especially during burning?


I didn’t recognize any side effects when reading/burning cdc/dvd.
My understanding of the mmc-drafts is as follows:
You treat the device almost as a normal file (open - read/write - close).
You simply open the SCSI-device and send a command to it.
If this command is accepted, the device will do some background work, for example reading/writing sectors. The device does not need to be kept open for this.

I do not claim, that this is absolutely right!



Hi Tom,

Thx for your input.


The side effect is that windows will send a TestUnitReady command
before each command you issue, so your reading/writing will be slower.


Hi spath,

does this mean that windows OS does send this TestUnitReady command on its own?
Is this the same command as described in mmc drafts?



yes and yes