OWC launches Blu-ray burner with quad interface

I just posted the article OWC launches Blu-ray burner with quad interface.

Steve Jobs already shot down the possibility of Blu-ray players coming in Mac computers or notebooks any time soon, but a company has stepped forward to help fill the void for Mac owners.Other World…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15151-OWC-launches-Blu-ray-burner-with-quad-interface.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15151-OWC-launches-Blu-ray-burner-with-quad-interface.html)

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So, this is 4x , I’ve also seen 8x and CD-R is at 52x now if I’m correct. Will we ever see 52x Blu-ray burners? Or what would be the maximum. I really want one but if they get much faster and cheaper I’d rather wait…

By the time 52x BD burners come out, we’ll be living on Mars. Do you have any idea how fast a BD would have to spin to get up to 52x speed? That’s right, a lot. We’re talking ludicrous speed.


Just to give you an example, here are a few statistics:

1x BD ( 36 Mbps) = 833 RPM
12x BD ( 432 Mbps) = 10,000 RPM
52x BD (1,872 Mbps) = 43,316 RPM

52x CD-R speed Duke, not BD speed, I think that’s what Grrrl meant.

@ blue

52x CD-R burners have been out for years. I’m sure she means BD-R. Re-read what she wrote.

You probably right Duke.

Anyway, $579 or $499 is a hefty price tag. You can get 8x external burner from LG for $300+ (BE06LU11). Yeah it wont read HD DVD but it’s the same drive as GBW-H20L and GGW-H20L so you crossflash to GGW-H20L if you want to watch HD DVD. Crossflash again to BE06 if you want to get the lastest firmware support. Crossflashing tool not out yet but I’ve seen it works! :smiley:

horny stuff this shit, ill ask one for christmas.

There is a limit to how fast the discs can spin before they shatter to pieces and destroy the inside of your burner. For CDs, 52x was about the max, for DVDs they initially thought 16x or 18x would be the max but we are seeing 22x burners, but they are getting close to the brink of that the medium can handle before they shatter from stress.

dont forget people optical drives spin like HD’s not the old way where the drive would slow as it gets to the far edge. Drives have a fix speed they spin at and get faster at writing the far they get to the outer edsge. so example is the drive might spin at 5,000 RPM, the writing would start at a speed of maybe 8X and get faster as it gets to the edge. All drives work like this now, 16X drives and less for cd write at 16X the whole time, but higher speeds start writing slow and get faster.