Overwrite? or can you compress a dvd?

hello. how do make the whole dvd fit on a blank dvd.some dvds clonecd says are too big but there is more than enough memory. how do i make it fit?? i dont want it to overwrite or not write the whole thing. or can you crop it and make 2 out of one? if so how and with what programs?

clonedvd2 from slysoft.com

You need to use CloneDVD to compress movies. CloneCD is for make exact copy of movies (if you have the necesary blank media) or to copy cds. IF you want to make a exact copy of a dual layer movie, you need a dual layer blank media. If you want to compress and remove somethig then use CloneDVD.

thank you for responding. i have used the clonedvd and it makes it so i cannot use the dvd menu it just plays all the way through and you have to manualy fas forward it. what do i do about that?

Was the box keeping menus checked?

Read the tutorial! (in my sig) it is for people who are new to AnyDVD / CloneDVD2