Overwrite CDR

Is it really possible to overwrite a normal CDR? Could anybody tell me how do to it?!?

That not possible!

it is not possible to rewrite over CD-Rs, but that is what CD-RWs are for. however, i recommend using plain old CD-Rs for everything, because the rate of failure for CD-RW discs is very high.

Like i said:
Not possible


i was searching for an option to overwrite existing writed cdr’s.
It IS possible. Yes. I saw it doing a guy i know, 2 years ago. He putted some files from a cd-program into Nero 7 en could write files, data, anything on a audio CD from his stereo cd-rack.
He did the test several times. I don’t know wich files or how he managed it to succeed but he did it.
I’m into Macintosh for about 18 years and i was really amazed.
He’s email? "bosshossboss@hotmail.com"