'Oversprays' on blanks... what is it exactly?

I didn’t find any translation in my english-french dictionary… :frowning:

I’ve read many posts referring to ‘oversprays’ on the recordable side of discs, I think I guess what it is but I’m not sure.

Can anyone explain what this word refers to exactly?

overspray is where you see the recordable dye going past the area it is designed to go. Overspray is like if you are using your windshield wiper fluid in your car while you are driving, and some of it goes beyond where the windshield wipers can reach. Since it is “over” where you want it to go, it is called overspray.

Uh. :eek: - this is definitly not what I thought :bigsmile: - thanks.

Actually, I never noticed this on ANY of my discs, even the cheapest ones.

Quite the opposite - Under-sprays and uneven dyes :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Not even that actually :confused:

and uneven dyes
This I’ve seen quite often :bigsmile:

Technically unevenes can be caused by overspraying or underspraying but based on the posts I’ve seen so far about it people on boards do rate this more as just dye defects/uneven dye’s without the direct relation of spraying.