Overspeedings on 3500A?

I suddenly realized that I have stocked up TOO MANY 4x DVD+&-R’s. This is the 8x age already. :Z

Another thing I realized is that discs burnt with this 3500A are really readable. Probably I can do a little tweaking…until something falls apart.

Third thing I realized is that I am no longer a patient man. 14 minutes/disc is a lot of time

Fourth I heard someone claiming to have burnt OPTODISC 4x DVD-R with 16x on his Pioneer A08, makes me a little jealous

Well anyhow,

For a liteon drive it looks like omnipatcher can modify firmwares and allow you to choose what speeds are available for a media code. Is there something similar for NEC?

First : I’m proud of posting for 4th time, to say : :bigsmile: .
Second : Did you realize that you haven’t read the forum ?
Third : Try a little search ? :wink:
Fourth : I realized that I did not give you a hint … " LIGGY " :bow:
Fifth : Tell us what is exactly your X4 media and their MEDIACODE, to see if they can be overburned. Btw, there is an excellent (but long) pinned topic that you can read, it’s very useful and full of informations for a curious person. (is this the good word ? I mean somebody who like to read, learn, investigate…)

Of course, that’s the first typical answer: search
and then after some thought, the real answer: Liggy’s test firmwares

However, I’m already using Liggy’s beta8, but the 4x media I use don’t get their speeds upped. I even lose the choice of backing down the speed to 2x by flashing to beta8. My media codes include “AN32”, “DAXON AZ1”(Benq4x+R), “OPTODISCR004” and “OPTODISCW004”(-RW)

This is why I need a utility to modify the firmware myself. Now that I put some more thoughts on this, if there’s such a utility, there would be no need for a Liggy’s beta. Now Liggy’s are available, there mustn’t be such a utility. This answers my question.

Second : Did you realize that you haven’t read the forum ?

Try not to jump to conclusions, I visit this forum several times daily.

There is a utility that helps modifying the firmwares. I’ve written this tool (with Herrie’s help) und use it myself to patch the firmwares. But it’s a bit difficult to handle and I don’t want others to mess with their drives just for making a mistake with my patcher, so the program won’t be given away to anyone.

But removing lower writing speeds from some media is your only choice if you want other discs to burn faster. NEC changed the way how writing strategies are stored in their firmware with this drive what makes it a lot more difficult to speed up discs.


All official firmware and most hacked firmware are intended to give the user the best burns at certain speeds that will produce the best results for a given media-

That you have a stock (as I also have) of 4x media - well you are going to have to work your way through them - and as the media that you mention are mediocre at best - you should burn them at the speed that the firmware deems best-

Over speeding is successful only with the best - top quality media like Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden and the firmwares support the higher speeds for the quality stuff-

My $.02 worth-


Is there any chance that, in the future, when you and Herrie have lots more time, this utility can be transformed into something like Omnipatcher (at least, the write strategy part of Omnipatcher)?

I dont think so. Herrie probably wouldn’t be able to help that much anyway. His programming skills are even worse than mine, that’s why I wrote the patcher for him. I wasn’t going to use this tool to create my own firmwares, but when I got the first 3500 firmware and it worked a bit different, I wanted to find out how to modify these firmwares.

The patcher only assists you in modifying the firmwares, there’s still a lot you have to do manually, for example finding offsets in the firmware that might need program changes on every new firmware update.