Overspeeding TY 4x -R's in 1620



Is it possible to burn these (reliably) at 8x in a 1620?
I ask because for me the 4x are almost half the price of 8x TY -R discs :wink:


Check out this post in ala42´s MCSE thread.



Here you find a scan.


nice! :slight_smile:
cheers pinto2
and cheers to ala42 for MCSE!

when my discs arrive i’ll give them a go at 8x and post some scans.


You can even burn them at 16X… I burn them now at 16X with quality scores of 97-99%


wow, do you consistently get those kind of quality scores? has anyone else had similar experiences with these?
i’m mostly backing up important files so for me quality > speed. fast burns are definitely nice though!
i guess i might as well try a few burns at 12x and 16x then and see how it goes.


you’re telling me that you were able to burn TY 4x dvd-r at 16X with quality scores of 97-99%, can we see some unaltered scans please!!!


I will also be looking forward to scans from this. I have had very good results with G01s at both 4X and 8X with non BenQ burners, but the BenQ is just an OK burner compared to my others. If someone else is getting better burns at 16X than at 8X or 4X I might revisit this and try again.


my bad they were 8x dvds…sorry for the confusion


My (value line) G01 is good at 8x (almost equal to 4x burn) but start to struggle at 12x. I mean, it is absolutely acceptable, just not as good as you expect from the name “TY” above 12x. :slight_smile:
So I ended up burning them at 8x. I used T9 firmware G02 strategy. Now U9 and V9 are available for overspeed, but I haven’t tried them yet for G01.


I found the B7V9 to be the best firmware for my BenQ with TYG02. Of all the media I have burned, this is the only combination where BenQ does as well as my NECs. It might do as well on G01s too.


Yes, it’s possible. I accidentally burned one (forgot to limit the speed to 12x in CD-DVD Speed options). See the scan here:


wow!!! that scan looks sweet!!!


Ya, but check the reading speed? Many dips when reading the dvd - Im starting to think the quality score is rather useless and doesnt take into account many factors. How easily it can be read should be of concern if it is indeed a good burn.


Thats the write curve, which is normal due to WOPC. The read curve is the green one underneath