Overspeeding on BenQ DW1650

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the nOOb question, but i would like to know, how can i overspeed on my BenQ DW1650 DVD Burner :bigsmile: I have already enabled Overspeeding in BenQ’s Q-Suite :cop:

I have some 4x DVD+RW media (MBIPG101 W04), i want to write it at higher speeds, say 6x or 8x. But whenever i try to write thru Nero, it only shows 2 speed settings 4x and 2.4x in Burn Compilation :frowning:

Am i missing out on something :eek: guys please let me know… :smiley:


An alternative to overspeeding your DVD+RW media would be to polish them with sandpaper, cut them to pieces, and burn the remains with a blowtorch. :disagree:

Seriously though, you can’t overspeed re-writable media such as DVD+RW/DVD-RW/CD-RW, and if it were possible to somehow do it anyway, the media would in all likelihood be destroyed.

If you need faster re-writable DVD media, buy some 6x DVD-RW or 8x DVD+RW.

Or you could forget about the re-writable part, and use write-once DVD+/-R media instead.

^^lol dude, thanx for the warning :cool:
Well i guess i have to buy faster media then…

Can you recommend me, some good 8x DVD+RW media, i only was able to found Ritek disks available@8x speeds, are they any good ?

Haven’t tried Ritek, but I’ve got Ricoh x8 DVD+RW, they’re decent. Even when they get scratched they still burn and play without problems both on my PC and on my standalone MPEG4 player.